Things I'm Loving | December 2017


1. Strangers Things

stranger things 2

It's back!!
I have to admit that I was a little obsessed when they released the first season of Stranger Things. It was like nothing I'd ever watched before and every episode just seemed to keep me hooked so I had no other option but to keep watching. The second season is exactly the same and it's even answered a few questions I had. Bring on season 3 now!


2. Burgundy
burgundy coat primark
It's burgundy season again! YAY
From September to maybe April, I wear nothing other than red, specifically burgundy. It's a gorgeous warm colour for those upcoming colder months and I think it's one of those colours that just looks great on everyone. The one burgundy item that I've been going mad over is the faux sheep skin collar coat from Primark. I saw a few other bloggers wearing it and I raced to my local store to go and pick one up!

3. Face Masks
face masks
Probably shouldn't admit this but me and my boyfriend have been loving face masks recently! I love relaxing in a hot bubble bath, a few candles lit and maybe even a nice glass of Rose with a face mask on. I'm really hoping someone buys me some more for Christmas!

4. Disney

beauty and the beast disney

Ever since the release of the live action version of Beauty and the Beast, I've become a bit addicted to Disney. From watching old favourites movies to buying all the Beauty and the Beast merchandise from Primark that everyone is going mental about. It's a little worrying for a 27 year old woman.

5. Christmas!


Obviously Christmas is on the list as it's less than a week to go now and I'm SO excited! I hate to be one of those girls who rub relationships into faces of people who are single, but having a partner at Christmas time makes it all the more special to me. Last year I was single and woke up alone in my house and pretty much just watched movies and slept all afternoon. Not so fun. This year though, I've got loads of different things planned and I just can't wait!
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