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It's the New Year and it's that time where everyone is starting their diets after weeks of bad eating over the Christmas period and most of us are trying to do the quickest and easiest way possible. I can't really judge as I've been doing the same myself!

A couple of weeks ago after flicking through my Facebook feed, I noticed a small ad for a company called Cute Nutrition. The packaging and the advertising looked really cute and it intrigued me enough to click on the link.

After looking through their website, I knew I had to place an order and luckily for me, they sell handy starter bundles to suit what you want. In the end I decided on the "workout" bundle and an extra tub of the Porn Star Martini shake!

cute nutrition

Sorry for the bad picture but blame our gorgeous Winter English weather for making it so dark and gloomy!

Yes, as you read above I brought a Porn Star Martini flavoured milkshake. And the flavour I got in the bundle was a Strawberry Daiquiri. How lush do they sound? Now don't worry, if you're not a borderline alcoholic like myself, they also provide "normal" milkshake like chocolate, vanilla and strawberry and they've also recently brought our new flavours like peaches and cream and cookies and cream. Yum!

I've been using these shakes and vitamins for a couple of weeks now and I have noticed a difference to how I feel. I'm a few pounds down and I just generally feel better. Obviously while I can't say it's all down to the shakes as I've always made other lifestyle changes as well, but it definitely gave me a boost!

I'm not promoting a completely meal supplement diet as I do believe you also need to eat proper food every once in a while but I have been using these shakes for when I'm at work or when I just can't be bothered to cook and incorporated them into my daily life.

If you're looking for that new easy way to diet then I'd definitely check out Cute Nutrition! 


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