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As well as neglecting my blog, I've also been neglecting my home. Now that sounds dramatic and I don't mean it in the sense that I'm not cleaning or not doing any laundry. Trust me, I am. I mean it as I've not brought or decorated in a while.

When I first brought the house and initially finished decorating the kitchen, living room and bedroom, I've been on a complete shut down and haven't done a thing since. How lazy!

Although I said I finished my living room, there has always been a big gap above where our sofa sits and I've never been able to find that perfect thing to hang there. That was until I was contacted by the lovely Christine from Photowall about ordering my very own canvas print!

If you've not heard of Photowall before then here's the low down. They're a Swedish company who specialise in canvas prints and wall murals. All their products are environmentally friendly and are guaranteed to not fade over time.


After what felt like hours going through all their different design categories, I eventually decided on the "Always Been You" canvas as a mini engagement present to me and my new fiancée!

Since they're obviously coming from all the way from Sweden you'd think delivery times would be months but it was here within a couple of weeks which was great considering it was over Christmas as well!

If you're like me and picked their canvases, you can also order their "do-it-yourself" frame kit which at first sounded a bit daunting but actually worked out to be super easy to put together and within 10 minutes my new canvas was up and hanging on my wall. 

Overall I'd really rate Photowall and I'll definitely be ordering again from them! If you're doing a bit of decorating or just looking for something new, then get yourself over to Photowall!
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