L'Oreal Color Riche Collection Exclusive - Julianne's Pink Review


A couple of weeks before Christmas, I convinced my boyfriend to take a detour on the way back from Manchester and pop into Cheshire Oaks Designer Outlet. I told him it was a perfect place to get a few last minute presents but I secretly only wanted to go to the Beauty Outlet store. I can't help myself!

I did resist a lot of things in there but I did pop the Julianne's Pink lipstick in my basket to add to my growing L'Oreal Exclusive Celeb collection. I have already got Naomi's shade from their pink collection and since I enjoyed it so much, I thought I'd buy Julianne's.

loreal collection juliannes delicate rose
loreal collection juliannes delicate rose
loreal collection juliannes delicate rose
juliannes delicate pink

Now this shade is definitely more of a girly “Barbie” pink to Naomi's but in a weird way, I like it. I do prefer to pick the more red toned based lipsticks as I think they suit my skin tone better but there’s just something about this that I just really like.

The formula is obviously exactly the same as the other lipsticks in the collection and has the same long lasting power as Naomi’s as well. It’s definitely something I would keep for the Spring/Summer months because of the shade but all the same, it’s a great lipstick. You can check out the collection on Amazon where they’re a bargain at under £5 each!
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