Goodbye 2018 and Hello 2019!

In just a few hours, 2018 will be over and 2019 will be here.

I know this is typically the time for everyone to reminisce about all the good times in the previous year but quite honestly, I cannot wait for 2019 to start. In less than 5 months, I will be getting married and it cannot come quick enough. There is still a lot to sort out so the first couple of months of 2019 will be stressful  but it'll be worth it!
As well as being super excited about the wedding, I thought I would also set myself some targets for the new year.
Hello 2019
My 2019 Resolutions!
- Lose Weight! 
Yeah yeah I know. Everyone has this resolution and never sticks to it but since I have to squeeze myself into a wedding dress in 5 months time, this time it's serious.
-  Do things when I say I'm going to do them
I've gotten so good at procrastinating lately and I'm even annoying myself with it. I definitely need to make the effort to stop this and to be more "on-the-ball" with things. 
- Go walking more
I'm quite fortunate that I live literally up the road from a nature reserve and since getting our puppy, I have no excuse not to get my butt over there.

- Don't let work get to me
There were a few times this year where all the drama at work got me down and even started affecting my home life. I definitely need to work on leaving work at work and enjoying all the time that I do have with my family.

- Get married!
Yes this post is very wedding-orientated but it's not every day you marry the love of your life!

What are your new year resolutions? 

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Life | 30 Before 30 Update!

During my little blogging hiatus, I turned 28.

And while everyone else might think nothing of it, I have developed a real fear of getting older and feeling like I'm not doing anything with my life. Kinda like a mid-life crisis. 

To try and pull myself out of this mini depression I decided to concentrate on my 30 before 30 list and try and tick a few things off so to make myself feel more complete!

Now I have changed a few of the items because as 30 is only 2 years away, I cannot see a few of them getting ticked off as they're kind of "long shot" wants but nevertheless I will try my hardest to tick EVERYTHING off before my 30th birthday!


1. Visit America
2. Lose weight and keep it off 
3. Go on at least 3 holidays
4. Visit Ireland
5. Buy a new camera 
6. Go to DisneyLand
7. Get my first tattoo
8. Reach 1000 followers! 
9. Find a career I love 
10. Get my own place
11. Learn a new skill 
12. Visit three UK cities I've never been to before
13. Give blood 
14. Bake and cook more from scratch 
15. Learn how to contour!
16. Create my ideal skincare routine 
17. Find love
18. Plant fruit, veg and flowers in my garden – and keep them alive 
19. Be more spontaneous 
20. Buy a diary and actually use it
21. Learn how to save money and not spend it! 
22. Have a weekend away by the seaside 
23. Go on a road trip
24. Grow my hair to be long and still healthy
25. Go on a spa day 
26. Bit of a long run, but go Orca Whale watching  get married!
27. Learn photography 
28. Visit Italy
29. Learn to not compare myself to other
30. Get a promotion

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