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I've been wearing glasses since I was in high school and as much as you'd think I'd be used to what I can only describe as a palava of finding a new pair, I'm not. The eye test part is easy, you sit in a chair and say some letters but after is when the hard part comes. I actually hate the process of trying on all the different frames and it's only made worse when the sales assistant follows you around commenting on the frames you pick and which "suit you". As an introvert who is also very picky, this experience haunts me and often makes me feel pressured to pick any frame just so I can leave the shop!

To take the pressure off giving a decision there and then, the lovely people over at Glasses Direct have a handy "home trial" for all us shy/indecisive people. After browsing through all their frames, you simply enter your details and within a few days you get a lovely surprise posted through your door.

You have the whole week to pose in front of your mirror and take huge amount of selfies before needing to send back. And the best thing about the home trial is that if you're still not happy or want to try more frames, you can! 

If you're in the market for a new set of specs then I whole heartedly recommend Glasses Direct!
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Top left: Logan | Top Right: Albion
Bottom Left: Albany | Bottom Right: Lucas

P.S. I chose frame 1!
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