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There's been a couple of times last year where I've thought "God Netflix is rubbish - there's nothing to watch anymore!" and I think of cancelling my subscription but then out of nowhere, a brand new show releases and I get sucked back in again.

the witcher

Now I'm not going to lie - the only reason I thought of making this post is because I wanted to talk about The Witcher. I am obsessed.

Last year or so, my other half suggested playing The Witcher 3 on Playstation 4 and I remember being like "nah, I'm good". Fast forward to December 20th though when we binge watched the first couple of episodes of the Netflix show and I completely 180'd and now cannot get enough of it. I have watched the series over 3 times, finished the game with DLCS and now playing again and have now also started reading the books. 

The story follows Geralt of Rivia, a contracted monster hunter in the grim place called The Continent and we follow him along some of the short stories which are featured in Andrzej Sapkowski's The Last Wish book. The series has a very medievil fantasy feel and there's definitely enough monsters and sword fighting to match. It's a great story and it's very much a show you can "get lost in".

Henry Cavill is also very lush. Yum.

peaky blinders

I was a bit late coming to the Peaky Blinders party and it wasn't because the show didn't interest me or anything, but because as I actually live near Birmingham and it's a little cringy to see it being represented on TV. It's completely normal to go up town and hear the Brummie accent but as soon as I heard it on TV, it just feels a bit too real for me!

Either way I have gotten into the show and within a week we'd got all the way through to season 4. Not only is the story really interesting but the history is really cool to see!

after life

I am a massive fan of Ricky Gervais and always loved his work; from The Office to his stand-up. He also introduced us to my hero Karl Pilkington so for that alone makes Ricky a god in my eyes. One of his recent works is After Life and it follows the story of Tony who has recently lost his wife to cancer and how he struggles to come to terms without her. It's a very dark but funny and heartwarming story which anyone can enjoy!

stranger things 3

This is another oldie but since all the spoilers and teaser trailers have come out for season 4, I thought it would fitting to mention. 

I have been a massive fan of Stranger Things since it's original release back in 2016 and every season they seem to top the last. I was super excited to hear about season 3 and of course it didn't let me down. And as much as I cried like a baby at the last episode, I am definitely excited to get back into it.
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