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If you're a follower of me on here or Instagram, then you'll have noticed that I got married last year and just last week was our first wedding anniversary! It was a perfect day from start to finish and we were so lucky that everything went smoothly. BUT over the last year whenever I've looked back at the wedding, there's always been little things in the back of my head thats said "Oh, I wish I did that differently!"

Now when I say regrets, I don't mean to Sean. I love him and that was a good decision (unless Henry Cavill is interested..) but what I do mean are all the little things that we maybe rushed or couldn't afford etc. 

1. Videographer

natalie and sean wedding.

One of the best pieces of advice I was given before the wedding was "to just enjoy it – the day goes by so quickly so just try and take it all in" and I always brushed it off but looking back, there are so many moments that I missed or just forgot because I was so busy and stressed. Looking through the pictures from our photographer was a great way to refresh my mind but I do always regret not forking out the extra cash to hire a videographer as well. There was definitely a few moments like our vows, the best man’s speech and our first dance that would have been amazing to capture. 

If you’re planning your wedding and deciding whether to hire a videographer or not, do it!

2. "Wore in" my wedding shoes

natalie and sean wedding

I brought my wedding shoes months in advance and when I initially brought them they felt so comfy and because of that, I didn't feel the need to wear them in. Big mistake! I managed to walk down the aisle and back and then the flat shoes when straight on. It was a much comfier day but I was a little miffed that I'd spent all that money on nice shoes to just wear them for half an hour max!

3. Hair and Makeup Trial

natalie and sean wedding

I did a hair trial months before the wedding and it went really well and we managed to get it done in record time so we thought that we'd be fine on the day. Fast forward to the wedding morning and it was super humid and my already stubborn hair did not want to stay in it's updo! After a lot of hair spray and grips, we did manage to get there but with 4 other bridesmaids to get ready with hair and make-up didn't exactly help the situation. If I could go back, I could definitely organise that morning a lot better.

4. Not to spend so much money on candy!

natalie and sean wedding

After a last night scrolling through Pinterest session, I was adamant that I wanted a candy bar at our wedding. I had even found a cheap "dollar store" DIY way of doing it but £100 later from a Makro visit, the cheap idea went straight out the window! We were kitted out with all kinds of gummies, candies and lollipops but there was so much left over that the whole family was still eating them months after the wedding.

5. The colour scheme

natalie wedding

The one thing I always had a problem making a decision on was our colour scheme. I very initially wanted burgundy with slight blush tones but after finding it impossible to find nice bridesmaid dresses, I ended up going with a more mulberry tone. Because this was a very late change, I'd already ordered some decorations and flower arrangements so there were a few things that didn't really match which even now, really annoys me.

6. Not worried so much!

natalie and sean wedding

Overall, the whole day went amazingly and I couldn’t have asked for anymore. I spent a lot of time on the run up to the wedding stressing about little things like “will it rain?”, “will everyone turn up?” “will I fall on my face on my face walking down the aisle?” and honestly it was all for nothing because no it didn’t, yes they did and no I didn’t. 

If you’re getting married this year or next (dependant on current events!), just enjoy it! Don’t worry about the weather or if everything will go right, the whole point of the day is to marry the love of your life and everything else doesn’t matter.

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